GPT For Me

GPT For Me
Pricing: Free
Type: Productivity

GPTForMe is a personalized AI tool powered by GPT-3, allowing users to interact with personal or niche content that the public GPT-3 model doesn’t know about. It provides a prototype for non-technical users to teach an AI about new subjects and engage with it using CSV uploads and question-based interactions.

ūüéĮ Use Cases

  • Interacting with personal or niche content¬†GPTForMe empowers users to engage with AI technology to explore and interact with content specific to their interests or specialized topics.

ūüĆü Features

  • Prototype for non-technical users¬†GPTForMe serves as an experimental platform for individuals without technical expertise to teach an AI about new subjects and leverage its capabilities.
  • CSV upload and interaction¬†Users can upload CSV files and utilize GPTForMe to ask questions and interact with the data, enabling a dynamic and engaging experience.
  • Support for short text in Sheets¬†GPTForMe’s functions are tailored for handling short text within Sheets, providing efficient assistance for managing and analyzing data in spreadsheet format.
  • Integration with Google Docs¬†GPTForMe seamlessly integrates with Google Docs, offering dedicated features and presets that cater to long-form content creation and editing.
  • AI writer for Google Sheets and Docs¬†With the GPTForMe integration in Google Sheets and Docs, users can directly access ChatGPT’s writing capabilities, enhancing productivity and creativity.
  • Compatible with base and fine-tuned models¬†GPTForMe works effectively with both the base GPT-3 model and fine-tuned versions, ensuring compatibility and versatility for various use cases.
  • Personalized AI tool¬†GPTForMe leverages the power of GPT-3 to create a personalized AI experience, enabling interaction with any type of content based on individual preferences and requirements.

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