Pricing: Freemium
Type: Productivity, Prompt Guides
Starts: $ 9/mo

GPT Hotline is an AI-powered service that allows you to access the capabilities of GPT-3 on WhatsApp. It offers instant messaging, the ability to search and share past conversations, power commands for creating and editing images, videos, and staying updated on the news, speech-to-text functionality, and the option to set reminders.

💬 Use Cases

  • Instant Messaging Made Easy: Easily message the AI assistant on WhatsApp, continuing previous conversations or starting new ones.
  • Search & Share Past Conversations: Effortlessly search through past conversations and share them with friends.
  • Power Commands: Use special commands to create and edit images, get the latest news, and more.
  • An AI Assistant in Your Phone: Access the capabilities of GPT-3 on WhatsApp, interacting with the world’s most powerful AI conveniently.
  • Preserve Your Chat Message History: Save your chat message history and forward or share answers easily.
  • Just Talk to Me!: Utilize the Speech-to-Text functionality to send voice messages and develop a more personal connection with the AI.
  • Set A Reminder: Set reminders for yourself and receive a message when the time comes.

🔥 Features

  • Easily Reset Your Conversation: Start a fresh conversation by using power commands.
  • Get Real or AI Generated Images + Videos: Request and receive real or AI-generated images and videos.
  • Get the Latest News Based on Your Interests: Stay up to date with the latest news by requesting news updates tailored to your interests.
  • Edit Images: Send images with instructions on how to edit them and receive a reply with the edited image.
  • Quickly Send Voice Messages: Utilize the Speech-to-Text functionality to send voice messages to the AI assistant.
  • Set Reminders: Set reminders for tasks up to 24 hours in advance and receive a message when the time comes.

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