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If you are encountering error messages or your key is not working while using GPTionary, there are specific reasons for these issues. This text provides guidance on how to handle these situations and where to seek further assistance.

💡 Use Cases

  • Error Messages: If you keep seeing error messages, it is necessary to refresh the page and try again. Remember that your search history will not be saved after refreshing.
  • Key Not Working: If your key is not functioning, it might be due to misuse or possible leakage. Only verified communities are granted access to GPTionary. Contact your community leader to obtain a new key if you face any issues.
  • Need Further Assistance: For additional help or if you have any feedback, you can reach out to GPTionary at

💡 Features

  • Error Messages: Refresh the page and try again.
  • Key Not Working: Contact your community leader for a new key.
  • Need Further Assistance: Email

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