Pricing: Free
Type: Human Resources
Starts: $0/m is a platform that helps companies screen and evaluate developers based on their written communication, mentorship abilities, culture-fit, leadership potential, design intuition, and alignment with company values.

💬 Use cases

  • Written communication: emphasizes the importance of effective written communication in developer teams, offering tools to assess and improve this skill.
  • Mentorship: The platform recognizes the positive impact of skilled mentors on team quality and provides resources to identify and nurture mentorship abilities.
  • Culture-fit: Understanding the significance of cultural alignment, allows companies to assess candidates’ compatibility with their organizational culture.
  • Leadership: assists in identifying both current and future leaders within engineering organizations by evaluating their potential and capabilities.
  • Design intuition: The platform acknowledges that exceptional products go beyond code, and it helps identify engineers who possess a strong sense of user experience and design.
  • Your values: Recognizing the uniqueness of each engineering culture, offers flexibility in screening candidates, allowing companies to prioritize the skills and values that matter most to them.

🌟 Features

  • Written communication: Assess and improve developers’ written communication skills.
  • Mentorship: Identify and nurture mentorship abilities among candidates.
  • Culture-fit: Evaluate candidates’ compatibility with your company’s culture.
  • Leadership: Identify potential leaders within your engineering organization.
  • Design intuition: Assess engineers’ understanding of user experience and design principles.
  • Your values: Customize the screening process to prioritize the skills and values that matter most to your company

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