Pricing: Paid
Type: Developer
Starts: $5/m

Horseman v0.3.1 is a powerful crawling tool that offers GPT integration and various features to enhance web crawling and data extraction capabilities. It provides AI-powered assistance for creating JavaScript snippets and allows users to analyze web page content using GPT. With its extensive collection of built-in snippets and customizable options, Horseman is a valuable tool for frontend developers, performance analysts, digital agencies, accessibility experts, SEO specialists, and JavaScript engineers.

🕷️ Use Cases

  • 120+ Snippets: Access a wide range of essential snippets for developers, content creators, technical SEOs, and more.
  • Largest Contentful Image Priority: Detect and address instances where the Largest Contentful Paint is loaded with lower priority.
  • H1 Sentiment: Analyze the sentiment of H1 headings to optimize their impact.
  • Overflowing Elements: Identify and diagnose elements causing unwanted scrolling by detecting overflow.
  • Intelligent Content Extraction: Utilize Mozilla’s readability.js to intelligently extract content from web pages.
  • Summarize Content: Generate summaries of page content using GPT and leverage them for writing relevant meta descriptions.

🤖 Features

  • Deeper exploration with Insights: Enable comprehensive analysis of web pages by exploring page content with GPT and combining different data pieces.
  • AI-powered snippets: Overcome the need for JavaScript expertise by describing the desired information to be extracted and letting AI generate the snippet.
  • Huge number of new snippets: Benefit from an extensive collection of new snippets to enhance web crawling and data extraction capabilities.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Available for Windows, Mac OS (Intel and M1/M2), and Linux, ensuring accessibility for users on different operating systems.

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