Pricing: Freemium
Type: Productivity
Starts: $5.60/m

Hypercontext is a performance management tool that helps create surprise-free performance reviews through effective one-on-one meetings, goal updates, assessment questions, and performance data gathering. It streamlines the review process, allowing managers to spend more time editing than drafting.

🪄 Use Cases

  • One-on-ones: Regular one-on-one meetings provide the foundation for a great performance review and help avoid surprises.
  • Goal & OKRs: Goals are seamlessly updated during meetings, keeping progress up to date and focusing on outcomes.
  • Assessment Questions: Tailored questions guide assessments and provide a lens to view all notes and updates for drafting the performance review document.

🪄 Features

  • Gathering Performance Data: Hypercontext analyzes one-on-one notes, computes goal progression, and evaluates assessment questions to draft high-quality performance reviews.
  • Integrated into HRIS and Directory Systems: The tool can be integrated with existing HRIS and Directory systems, ensuring accuracy and easy adoption.
  • Automated Review Cycles: Review cycles are automatically set up based on the company’s operating cadence, eliminating the hassle of manual setup.
  • Purpose-Built Reports: Managers have access to reports that provide a comprehensive view of goals, OKRs, management metrics, and time spent, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Collaborative and Productive: Hypercontext enhances collaboration, productivity, and goal alignment within remote teams, supporting a modern business approach.
  • Culture of High Performance: With templates, automations, integrations, and reporting capabilities, Hypercontext empowers teams to build a culture of high performance

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