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Type: Customer Support
Starts: $ 19/mo

InsertChatGPT is an AI chatbot platform that allows users to create customized chatbots with versatile features. It offers white-label theming, cloud training, access to chat history, and the choice between a chat window or a chat bubble interface. The platform utilizes the latest OpenAI model, GPT-3.5, and allows users to define the behavior of their chatbots for specific tasks. InsertChatGPT also offers various pricing plans to cater to different usage needs.

Use Cases

  • Create customized chatbots for engaging with users and providing instant support.
  • Train chatbots on documents, websites, and other data sources to enhance their knowledge base.
  • Utilize chatbots for specific tasks like writing Google Ads or generating industry-specific content.


  • 🎨 White-Label & Theming: Customize the chat widget’s interface to match your brand, without any branding from InsertChatGPT.
  • 🌐 Cloud Training: Adjust the behavior and smartness of your chat widget in real-time using your own data.
  • 📚 Access to Chat History: Own and control all the data collected through your chat widget for better customer interactions.
  • 💻 Window or Bubble: Choose between a chat window or a chat bubble interface for your chat widget.
  • 🧠 Latest OpenAI Model: Utilize the latest publicly available OpenAI model for the best natural language processing and customization.
  • 🎛️ Define GPT-3.5 Behavior: Customize the behavior of your chat widget with pre-defined system prompts for specific tasks.
  • 🛠️ Create Your Tools: Develop custom tools and integrations for your chat widget using personalized behavior prompts.

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