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Copilot for Investment Research is an interactive tool that streamlines the crypto market research process by providing versatile data interaction, on-chain data analysis, efficient information extraction, and streamlined report generation.

🔍 Use Cases

  • Accelerate the process of gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources for investment research.
  • Enhance understanding of crypto market trends through on-chain data analysis.
  • Save time and effort by swiftly generating professional investment research reports.
  • Make informed investment decisions with comprehensive and up-to-date market insights.


  • 💡 Versatile data interaction: Engage with various sources, including web pages, documents, audio and video, and Twitter feeds.
  • 📊 On-chain data analysis: Access and analyze crucial on-chain data for comprehensive research.
  • ⚡ Efficient information extraction: Quickly extract relevant data from multiple sources.
  • 📝 Streamlined report generation: Produce professional crypto investment research reports with ease.

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