Jasper Ai

Jasper Ai
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Copywriting, Productivity
Starts: $39/mo

Jasper is an AI content creation tool that helps businesses produce on-brand messaging across all mediums. It can reduce time spent on first drafts, increase content downloads, and boost ROI. Jasper can learn from a brand’s style guide, product catalogs, company facts, and brand identity to stay consistent wherever content is created.

πŸ€– Use cases

  • πŸš€ More efficient and effective content creation
  • πŸ“ˆ Increase in content downloads and ROI using Jasper
  • πŸ“ Tone consistency across all mediums
  • 🌎 Jasper Everywhere extension allows for collaboration anywhere online
  • πŸ’» Jasper API can be integrated directly into a business’s platforms
  • πŸ” Built-in security features keep data safe and private
  • 🏒 Jasper can be used by businesses in any industry

🌟 Features

  • πŸ’¬ Jasper learns from a brand’s style guide and adapts to different brand styles
  • πŸ‘₯ Jasper can invite collaborators from all over a company to make edits
  • πŸ€– Jasper’s AI Engine pulls from a cross-section of the best models, infusing them with recent search data, brand voice, and optimization tools
  • πŸ”’ Jasper’s built-in security features ensure data privacy and security
  • πŸ“š Jasper offers a variety of resources, including self-paced courses, live training, and certifications to help businesses become Jasper experts
  • 🌎 Jasper Everywhere extension keeps Jasper by your side anywhere you create online
  • 🀝 Jasper API allows businesses to integrate Jasper into their own platforms.

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