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Jua.ai offers a global weather model that provides extremely accurate and high-precision forecasts, leveraging AI and offering high-frequency temporal resolution.

⚡️ Use Cases

  • Post-processors: Jua.ai’s technology unlocks new and powerful use cases for post-processors, enabling them to enhance their weather forecasting capabilities.
  • Enterprise customers: Businesses can benefit from Jua.ai’s accurate and high-precision forecasts to make informed decisions, plan operations, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Consultancies: Jua.ai’s weather model can be leveraged by consultancies to provide more reliable weather-related insights and recommendations to their clients.

⚡️ Features

  • 🌍 Global Scale: Jua.ai’s weather model offers forecasts on a global scale, eliminating the need to merge regional models and providing consistent accuracy across different regions.
  • 🎯 Extremely High Accuracy: Jua.ai’s model surpasses leading numerical models in accuracy, even at 48 hours into the future, making forecasts feel like actual measurements.
  • 📐 High-Precision: With a spatial resolution of 1 km², Jua.ai empowers users with high-precision forecasts, especially beneficial for regions with microclimates.
  • ⏱ High-Frequency Temporal Resolution: Jua.ai predicts weather changes on a five-minute temporal resolution, providing up to 12 times more frequent updates compared to leading numerical models.
  • 💡 AI-Powered: Jua.ai’s weather model is 100% AI-powered, leveraging primary data sources and avoiding the need for post-processing or traditional modeling techniques.
  • 🗽 New York Comparison: Comparing weather forecasts with and without Jua.ai’s model can showcase the significant improvements in accuracy, precision, and temporal resolution for New York and its surroundings.

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