Landing Ai

Landing Ai
Pricing: Free Trial
Type: Code Assistant, Developer, Productivity
Starts: $ 39/m

Landing AI is a platform that allows you to quickly create unique and customized websites using generative AI. It offers a wide range of themes, languages, and copywriting options to help you create an attractive landing page. You can choose branding elements, provide information about your product, and download the generated variations with code and assets.

🎨 Use Cases

  • Create beautiful websites in seconds
  • Generate unique landing pages for product explanations and branding
  • Get copy that sells
  • Obtain unique logos and illustrations

🤑 Features

  • 29 themes to choose from
  • Support for 33 languages
  • Copywriting that matches your chosen tone
  • Automatic generation of sales pitch based on your product and market
  • Ability to create a business name
  • Multiple variations of landing pages with unique copy, logo, and illustrations
  • Export code (React, Tailwind), text, and images

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