Latte Social

Latte Social
Pricing: Free Trial
Type: Generative Video, Video Editing
Starts: $ 10/m

Latte is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create social-first video clips from long videos quickly and easily. It automatically selects the most engaging parts, adds subtitles, and reformats the clips into vertical format, saving users time and money on editing.

⚡️ Use Cases

  • Increase reach of long-form videos or podcasts: Latte helps creators, marketers, and agencies extend the reach of their content by creating engaging clips that can be shared on social media platforms.
  • Automate content production and distribution: The tool automates the process of selecting, editing, and formatting video clips, enabling users to produce and distribute content more efficiently.
  • Transform Zoom calls into content: Latte can be used to repurpose Zoom calls and turn them into engaging video content by extracting the most relevant parts and adding subtitles.
  • Endless use cases with zero learning curve: Latte’s versatility allows it to be used in various scenarios without the need for extensive learning or training.

🔥 Features

  • 30x cheaper than hiring a video editor: Latte offers a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need to hire a video editor for clip selection and formatting.
  • 20x faster than using Final Cut or Premiere Pro: The AI-powered automation of Latte makes the process of creating video clips significantly faster compared to traditional video editing software.
  • Better than your competition: Latte combines trending and viral content formats to ensure that the created clips stand out from the competition.

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