Pricing: Free
Type: Generative Video, Image Improvement

LeiaPix Converter is a tool that allows users to transform their favorite images into impressive Depth Animations.

💡 Use Cases

  • Upload: Users can upload their images to the LeiaPix Converter platform.
  • Edit: The tool provides an advanced editor to customize the depth map and animation.
  • Depth Map: Users can create depth maps for their images.
  • Share: The converted Depth Animations can be shared with others.

💡 Features

  • Animation Length: Users can specify the length of the Depth Animation.
  • Animation Style: Users can choose from various animation styles, including Horizontal, Wide Circle, Circle, Tall Circle, Vertical, and Perspective.
  • Amount of Motion: Users can control the intensity of motion in the Depth Animation.
  • Focus Point: Users can set a specific point in the image as the focus point.
  • Edge Dilation: The tool offers an option to adjust the edge dilation of the Depth Animation.
  • Advanced Editor: Users can access an advanced editor to further customize the depth map and animation.
  • Depth Map Brush: The tool provides a brush feature to paint depth values on the image. Users can adjust the brush settings, such as depth and picker value.

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