Pricing: Freemium
Type: Copywriting, Sales

Linguix is a writing assistant tool that offers various features to enhance your writing. It provides grammar correction, spelling and punctuation checks, AI-based paraphrasing, a content quality score, and powerful features to improve your writing.

💡 Use Cases

  • Grammar correction: Instantly receive feedback and eliminate mistakes.
  • Spelling & Punctuation checks: Avoid embarrassing typos and sound native.
  • AI-based paraphrasing: Use the proprietary and GPT-based rewriter to improve your writing.
  • Content quality score: Know when your content is good to publish.
  • Powerful features to enhance your writing: Ensure error-free, compelling, and native writing with AI-based solutions.
  • Say exactly what you mean: Use advanced technology to rewrite sentences, improve brevity, and receive word-choice recommendations.
  • Insights on content quality: Linguix’s Content Quality Score assesses readability, correctness, and style.

🌟 Features

  • Ensure your text is error-free: Linguix’s advanced AI-based spell check instantly detects and corrects misspelled words.
  • Advanced grammar recommendations: Get complex recommendations for sentence structure and word choice suggestions.
  • Simple steps to improve your writing: Type or paste your text, accept corrections, and review your content quality score.
  • Available on Google Chrome Store: Featured app with 393 reviews.
  • Trusted by 210,000+ users: Linguix is a top proofreading tool on the G2 reviews website with 122 reviews.
  • Try free AI grammar checker: Use Linguix’s free grammar, spell, and punctuation checker on millions of websites.
  • Create compelling content and solve your tasks faster: Linguix helps you with various writing tasks, from crafting emails to writing final papers.

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