Pricing: Free
Type: Code Assistant

LlamaChat is a free and fully open-source chat application that allows users to interact with locally running LLaMa, Alpaca, and GPT4All models on their Mac.

It’s based on Stanford’s 7B-parameter LLaMa model, fine-tuned for chatbot-like experiences. Users can easily convert and import PyTorch model checkpoints and enjoy the benefits of open-source technology.

💬 Use Cases

  • 🤖 Chatbot Interaction: LlamaChat enables users to chat with LLaMa, Alpaca, and GPT4All models locally, offering a conversational experience.
  • 🔄 Model Conversion: Users can effortlessly import raw PyTorch model checkpoints or pre-converted .ggml model files for flexible model usage.
  • 🌐 Open Source: LlamaChat is built on open-source libraries (llama.cpp and llama.swift), ensuring transparency and community involvement.
  • 💻 Platform Compatibility: It is available for Mac, supporting both Intel processors and Apple Silicon, with a minimum requirement of macOS 13.

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