Maya Ai

Maya Ai
Pricing: Paid
Type: Chat, Customer Support is an AI-driven personalization platform that benefits customers, banks, and merchants. It enables the delivery of unique omnichannel personalization experiences to each customer in just two weeks. uses behavior instead of identity to understand customers and offers various features to enhance personalization, reduce wastage, get personal with customers, and prioritize privacy.

💡 Use Cases

  • #UnlockWallets: Boost revenues by 3-7%, activate dormant customers, and increase spends across the portfolio.
  • #ReduceWastage: Deploy personalized campaigns with speed and agility, transforming raw data to personalized customer experiences.
  • #GetPersonal: Treat every customer as an individual, building personalized digital storefronts based on unique personal taste profiles.
  • #PrivacyFirst: Personalize digital experiences while maintaining strict data privacy and security standards.

💡 Features

  • Profile with our TasteGraphâ„¢: profiles customers using TasteGraphâ„¢, analyzing 2.9 billion customer transactions.
  • Engage with our Enterprise Studios: Deliver 9 million+ personal storefronts to engage customers effectively.
  • Drive transactions with Generate a total of 330 million USD incremental spends.
  • Use behavior, not identity to truly understand your customers: focuses on understanding customer behavior for effective personalization.

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