MixerBox Chat AI

MixerBox Chat AI
Pricing: Free
Type: Productivity

MixerBox ChatAI Browser (MB Browser) is a browsing app that offers a personalized and efficient browsing experience. It features a smart chatbot powered by ChatGPT called ChatAI, which provides instant assistance with tasks like essay writing, text translation, and email writing. The browser has integrated weather and news information, a summary function, and seamless integration with Siri for voice assistance through Apple Watch. It also offers fast searches, smooth navigation, private browsing mode, blocking of unwanted trackers, dark mode, and a minimalist design.

Use Cases

  • Browsing the internet with a personalized and efficient experience
  • Getting instant assistance with essay writing, text translation, and email writing
  • Checking weather updates and breaking news
  • Summarizing article highlights for quick browsing
  • Having voice conversations with ChatAI through Apple Watch
  • Enjoying fast searches, smooth navigation, and decluttered tabbed browsing
  • Ensuring privacy and blocking unwanted trackers


  • 🌀️ Add weather and news information
  • πŸ€– Smart ChatAI chatbot for instant assistance
  • 🌍 New weather update for different regions
  • πŸ“ Summary function to save browsing time
  • ⌚ Perfect integration with Siri and Apple Watch
  • πŸš€ Fast searches and smooth navigation
  • πŸ”’ Private Mode to protect personal data
  • 🚫 Block unwanted trackers
  • πŸ“š Better tabbed browsing for easy access
  • πŸŒ™ Dark mode to protect eyes and save battery
  • πŸ’‘ Minimalist design with low storage usage

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