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Type: Customer Support, Sales is an AI-powered tool that provides tailored insights for sales and customer success teams, allowing them to take immediate action, save time, and keep Salesforce updated with data insights.

🔍 Use Cases

  • Identify churn and pipeline risk: Momentum helps identify potential churn and pipeline risk by providing valuable insights tailored for sales and customer success teams.
  • Save 10 hours/week of listening time: Sales managers can save significant time by using Momentum to get a quick overview of every call, enabling them to allocate coaching time more efficiently.
  • Keep Salesforce updated using data insights: Momentum automatically listens for key deal data and updates Salesforce, making it easy to update MEDDIC, next steps, close dates, and more with just a click.

⭐ Features

  • Tailored insights: Momentum provides insights specifically designed for sales and customer success teams, enabling them to make informed decisions.
  • Time-saving: With Momentum, sales managers can save up to 10 hours per week by getting a glimpse into every call in just seconds.
  • Efficient coaching: By quickly identifying key moments in calls, Momentum helps sales managers allocate coaching time more effectively.
  • Seamless Salesforce integration: Momentum automatically updates Salesforce with data insights, ensuring that deal information is always accurate and up to date.

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