Pricing: Freemium
Type: Code Assistant, Developer, Productivity
Starts: $19/mo

MrScraper is a web scraping tool that eliminates the hassle and time-consuming tasks involved in building a web scraper. It offers a no-code builder and uses real browsers to ensure smooth scraping without getting blocked.

💻 Use Cases

  • Code the data extraction logic: MrScraper simplifies the process of coding data extraction logic, eliminating the need for extensive research and bug fixing.
  • Build a scheduler in your system: The tool allows you to schedule scrapings on specific dates and times, or set up recurring scrapings.
  • Make the scraper more human: MrScraper uses real web browsers to mimic human behavior and avoid detection by websites that discourage programmatic visitors.
  • Find and set up proxies: To prevent being banned, MrScraper helps you find and set up multiple proxy rotations.
  • Parse and clean the data: The tool includes built-in scripts to parse and clean the scraped data, ensuring it is in the desired format.
  • Organize and share the data: MrScraper provides options to organize and process the scraped data, either manually or through integrations.

🛠️ Features

  • No-code builder: You don’t need coding skills to use MrScraper. Simply fill out a form to specify the desired information and storage preferences.
  • Real browsers: MrScraper employs real web browsers, allowing for seamless scraping without the risk of getting blocked.

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