Muse AI

Muse AI
Pricing: Paid
Type: Video Editing is an all-in-one video platform that offers a range of features to enhance video management and accessibility. It provides AI analysis, video search capabilities, powerful player options, team collaboration features, and more.

💡 Use Cases

  • Let your audience find talks they missed: Utilize’s unique search to find specific moments in videos where particular topics are mentioned.
  • Embed your library on your website: Serve your video catalog on your own website, complete with search functionality, folders, and sub-folders.
  • Powerful analytics: Track various analytics such as view count, time watched, and engagement to gain insights into video performance.
  • Automatic transcript: Videos are automatically transcribed, providing English subtitles and a transcript for improved audience convenience.
  • Perfect for teams: Add team members and collaborators to your account, manage access with expiring links, and utilize delegated uploads.
  • Index your library for posteriority: Easily retrieve historical clips with’s powerful search, ensuring that important highlights don’t fade away with time.
  • Access anywhere: Enjoy the convenience of accessing your video library from any device, anywhere.

💡 Features

  • Video and audio hosting: Store original files, create backups, and access data from anywhere with servers located globally.
  • Unlimited video and collection embeds: Customize the responsive HTML5 player, embed searchable collections on your website, and restrict embeds to your own domains.
  • AI indexing and video search: Benefit from automatic AI indexing of videos, search for words, people, objects, sounds, and more, and boost SEO and discovery with content-based video indexing.
  • Powerful player with adaptive streaming: Experience 4K support, buffer-free streaming with transcoding, adjustable playback speed and quality, auto-generated or uploaded subtitles, and robust privacy settings.
  • Teams and pro features: Collaborate with team members, manage access through expiring links and geographical restrictions, allow delegated uploads, and access analytics like view count and engagement.

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