Pricing: Paid
Type: Developer
Starts: $20/m

n8n is a workflow automation tool designed for technical users. It allows users to build complex automations quickly and easily, without the need to write extensive code or struggle with APIs. With features like customizable scenarios, code and no-code options, independent instances, integration with any app, painless debugging, bulk operations, and self-hosting capabilities, n8n empowers users to automate tasks, customize CRM, prototype SaaS backends, and integrate with customers efficiently.

💡 Use cases

  • Lead automation: Connect marketing tools to automate lead management processes.
  • CRM customization: Build custom integrations to overcome limitations of CRM systems.
  • SaaS backend prototyping: Set up end points and test features quickly.
  • Customer integrations: Save time building customer-specific functionality without coding.

💡 Features

  • Build custom scenarios at speed: Implement multiple triggers, branch and merge workflows, and pause flows for external events.
  • Code when you need, no code when you don’t: Connect APIs with no code or use JavaScript for complex data manipulation.
  • Independent instances for each environment: Separate development and production environments with unique authentication data.
  • Integrate with any app: Easily interface with any API or service using custom HTTP requests.
  • Painless debugging: Access execution data, integrate error nodes, and rerun individual nodes for efficient testing and error fixing.
  • Bulk operations: Process data at scale with built-in iteration functionality in every node.
  • Host on your own infrastructure: Fully on-premises deployment for enhanced security.

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