Pricing: Free
Type: Customer Support

OpenChat is an open source project that enables you to create customer support chat widgets and chat with various personas. It offers easy setup, integration with popular apps, and the ability to use it without coding knowledge.

💬 Use Cases

  • Customer Support: Create customer support chat widgets for your web app with different personas.
  • Product Pilot: Use OpenChat as a product pilot for your offerings.
  • Human Touch: Provide human support when the AI can’t find answers.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Improve conversion rates by resolving issues instantly or forwarding them to humans.
  • More Clarity: Gather information to facilitate faster issue resolution when it reaches human support.
  • Integration: Easily integrate OpenChat with 5000+ popular apps.
  • Open Source: Benefit from an open source platform trusted by thousands worldwide.

🚀 Features

  • User-Friendly: No coding knowledge required; set up your chatbot easily.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Supports multiple data sources for your chatbot.
  • Multilingual Support: Chatbot can be configured to support various languages.
  • Integration-Friendly: Seamlessly integrate with 5000+ popular apps.
  • Open Source: OpenChat is open source and widely trusted.
  • Real-World Usage: A great example for learning about AI, Prompt Engineering, and Retrieval.
  • Full Codebase Upload: Upload your entire codebase or Git repos for accurate and effortless AI assistance.
  • Powered by LangChainAI: Leverage the power of LangChainAI for precise answers and implementations.

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