Orquesta AI Prompts

Orquesta AI Prompts
Pricing: Freemium, Open Source
Type: Prompt Guides

Orquesta is a platform that provides prompt lifecycle management and MLOps tools for teams working with AI and LLM capabilities. It allows users to design, test, and manage prompts for their LLM providers, customize prompts for specific contexts, and collect feedback on prompt effectiveness and economics. The platform offers real-time logs, versioning, code snippets, and a playground for prompts, enabling intuitive collaboration and efficient prompt delivery.

💡 Use Cases

  • Prompt lifecycle management: Design and improve prompts for AI applications using various LLM providers and models.
  • Configure private and custom LLMs: Customize prompts based on rules, context, and specific requirements.
  • Differentiate & Personalize: Create variants of prompts using different LLM providers, models, and hyperparameters to tailor the prompts.
  • Granular roll-out across environments: Deliver prompts to different services and environments with flexibility.
  • Intuitive business rules engine: Use an easy-to-use rules engine to define prompt behavior.
  • Collect actionable feedback: Gather feedback on prompt effectiveness and economics to optimize performance and costs.
  • Increase flexibility and speed: Orquesta enables teams to deliver products 10 times faster, with a free onboarding workshop and MVP definition session.

💡 Features

  • Prompt Engineering for all public LLMs: Support for designing prompts using various publicly available LLM providers.
  • Real-time and no-code collaboration: Collaborate on prompts in real-time without the need for coding.
  • Multi-model parameterization: Parameterize prompts with multiple models for better performance.
  • Deliver prompts globally on the Edge: Ensure prompt evaluations with low latency (< 50ms) at the edge.
  • Versioning and instant rollbacks: Track prompt versions and easily rollback changes if needed.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Ensure the security of prompt management and data.
  • Collect satisfaction feedback: Gather feedback to evaluate prompt satisfaction and make improvements.
  • Works for all your systems: Orquesta is compatible with various systems, providing flexibility and scalability.
  • Immediate business value: Start using Orquesta without the need for migration and gain immediate value.
  • Online in 10 minutes with 1 line of code: Quick and easy setup process for getting started with Orquesta.

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