Pricing: Paid
Type: Customer Support
Starts: $29/m

Osher.ai is an AI platform that allows users to interact with internal knowledge bases and process documents by customizing their own AI. Users can upload different types of documents, and restrict access to their AI.

πŸ’» Use cases

  • Use as a chat widget on your website to interact with users.
  • Use for business purposes to train the AI on various types of documents and provide assistance to employees.

🌟 Features

  • πŸ“š Customizable content: Users can upload various types of documents, including PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, CSV, Markdown, HTML, Text files, and more.
  • 🎨 AI customization: Users can customize their AI image, color, personality, purpose, welcome message, and the content it’s trained on.
  • πŸ”’ Access restriction: Users can restrict access to their AI by creating separate AIs and restricting access from certain IP addresses.
  • πŸ’¬ Interaction modes: Users can interact with their AI via a chat widget on their website or an iframe embedded in a web page.
  • πŸ“ Short term memory: The custom AI has short term memory, allowing it to recall chat history in any individual chat.
  • πŸ’° Subscription plans: Osher.ai offers a range of price points and plans to suit businesses, clubs, and teams of all sizes.
  • πŸ”„ Automatic retraining: Whenever users add or remove documents from their AI, it is automatically retrained.

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