Outboundify Ai

Outboundify Ai
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Type: Customer Support, Sales

Persana AI is a sales productivity platform that helps sales teams maximize their efficiency and increase conversions. It utilizes a fine-tuned model and integrates various data sources to provide personalized insights and identify promising leads. With features like real-time intent signals, fast information retrieval, and consolidated data management, Persana AI empowers sales teams to focus on selling and achieve higher transaction rates.

💼 Use Cases

  • Data-driven personalization: Utilize historical email campaign data, CRM and internal data, and publicly available data points to generate personalized emails at scale.
  • Identifying the right leads: Leverage Persana AI’s engine to identify the most promising leads and seize ripe opportunities.
  • Real-time intent signals: Receive instant notifications when leads visit your company’s website or receive funding, allowing you to reach out at the right time.
  • Fast access to answers: Instead of spending time on complex reports, quickly retrieve answers to questions through Persana AI’s intuitive interface.
  • Consolidated data management: Easily consolidate data from different sales tools, providing a holistic view of your customers and making data analysis more efficient.
  • Tracking high intent leads: Keep track of high intent leads and streamline the process of closing deals.
  • Enhanced team productivity: By automating cumbersome tasks and providing valuable insights, Persana AI enables your team to focus on selling, resulting in 6x higher transaction rates and 70% more conversions.

💡 Features

  • Fine-tuned model: Persana AI utilizes a highly optimized model tailored for sales teams.
  • Holistic customer view: Integrates various data sources to provide a comprehensive understanding of each customer.
  • Data-driven personalization: Generates personalized emails and messages at scale to increase engagement.
  • Real-time intent signals: Notifies your team instantly when leads exhibit intent signals, such as visiting your website or receiving funding.
  • Fast information retrieval: Quickly retrieve answers to questions instead of spending time on complex reports.
  • Consolidated data management: Easily manage and analyze data from different sales tools within a user-friendly interface.
  • Maximized team productivity: Enables your team to concentrate on selling and maximize productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

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