Pricing: Paid
Type: Image Editing
Starts: $11

PlatePose is an AI-powered platform that generates multiple food images for social media use. Users upload 10-20 pictures of their dish, and the AI generates over 50 unique images based on the input.

📸 Use cases

  • Food bloggers and social media influencers can use PlatePose to create a diverse range of food images for their posts.
  • Restaurants and food businesses can enhance their online presence by showcasing their dishes in various styles and angles.
  • Brands and ghost kitchens can utilize PlatePose for custom AI prompts, workflows, and applications.


  • 📸 Generate AI Food Pictures: For 1 credit ($11), users can receive 50+ AI-generated food pictures in 5 different styles with a resolution of 512px x 512px. Users have full ownership of the images.
  • 📸 Generate Your Menu: The best value option, priced at 5 credits ($46), offers 50+ AI food pictures per dish for 5 different dishes, with the same features and resolution as the single dish option.
  • 📸 Enterprise: Customized pricing for brands and ghost kitchens, providing unlimited generations, priority support, custom AI prompts, workflows, and applications.

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