Pricing: Freemium
Starts: $9.90/m

Plumy is an advanced AI technology designed specifically for ecommerce, offering 14+ tools to help online retailers boost sales, improve SEO, and generate more traffic. It provides features such as product description writing, article writing, translation, and advertising copy creation. With Plumy, users can save time and money while reaching a global audience with its 29 available languages.

🔥 Use Cases

  • Boost sales: Plumy helps increase sales by creating detailed and ultra-sales-oriented product descriptions, improving SEO with unique content, and generating more traffic.
  • Discover the Power of AI: Plumy offers 14+ AI tools to assist online retailers in various aspects of ecommerce.
  • Create Killer Content in No Time with Artificial Intelligence: Plumy’s features include product description writing, title and meta description writing, rewriting, translation, article writing, and advertising copy creation.

🌐 Features

  • Product description writing: Craft compelling and detailed product descriptions.
  • Short product description writing: Create concise and impactful product descriptions.
  • Title & meta description writing: Optimize titles and meta descriptions for better SEO.
  • Pros and cons: Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of products.
  • Product description rewriting: Revamp existing product descriptions for improved quality.
  • Rewriting of an existing product description: Enhance and update product descriptions.
  • Product description translation: Reach a global audience with accurate translations in 29 languages.
  • Article writing: Generate engaging and informative articles for your store.
  • Find article topics: Discover relevant and trending topics for articles.
  • Paragraph writing: Write persuasive and informative paragraphs.
  • Text rewriting: Easily rewrite and improve existing content.
  • Facebook Ads writing: Create effective ad copy for Facebook campaigns.
  • Google Ads writing: Generate compelling ad copy for Google campaigns.

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