Poly ai

Poly ai
Pricing: Paid
Type: Customer Support, Productivity

PolyAI is a conversational AI platform that enables customer-led conversations, accurate resolution of customer queries, provides game-changing insights, and offers collaborative innovation through custom voice assistants.

💬 Customer-led conversations

  • Like talking to a real person, users can speak naturally, interrupt, ask questions, and discuss different topics.

✔️ Accurate resolution

  • Rapidly improves resolution rates, accurately maps to business rules, eliminates wait times with 24×7 availability, and allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

📊 Drive insights & opportunities

  • Utilizes relevant data throughout the conversation flow to provide valuable insights, inform operational improvements, and discover opportunities.

🤝 Collaborative innovation

  • Offers co-creation of custom voice assistants tailored to meet specific brand needs, typically delivered within six weeks or less.

🌐 Website Features

  • Allows users to unlock their investment in digital self-service with Zero Touch Resolution.
  • PolyAI has won two Best of Enterprise Connect Industry Awards.
  • Recently raised $40 million in a Series B funding round.
  • Provides insights on how voicebots handle languages and accents.
  • Recognized as one of Forbes AI 50 companies in 2023.

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