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Type: Developer, Productivity
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PromptChainer is an AI-powered platform that allows users to build custom flows and apps by chaining together different models and prompts. It enables users to visualize and interact with their data, build a business, democratize AI for all, and grow their community.

📊 Use cases

  • Build custom flows and apps using pre-built templates, a database, and different logic nodes.
  • Visualize and interact with data to make data-driven decisions.
  • Build a business mastering PromptChainer and unlock new AI opportunities.
  • Democratize AI for all with a user-friendly, no-code environment.
  • Grow a community of users and collaborate, learn, and innovate together.
  • Explore pre-built templates and key features that transform data processing and decision-making capabilities.
  • Design, connect, and innovate with AI-driven results.

🔗 Features

  • Visual flow builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Versatile node library with a variety of nodes to create custom flows.
  • API integration to connect to external services and enhance current products.
  • User-friendly database for seamless flow operations.
  • Multi-model support to create robust and versatile applications using various AI models.
  • Pre-built templates to jumpstart projects and solve common use cases.
  • Plan and build flow architecture, choose or create a flow template, connect AI models and data sources, add nodes and configure prompts, test and iterate, and deploy and integrate.

🏗️ How it works

  • Plan and build flow architecture.
  • Choose or create a flow template.
  • Connect AI models and data sources.
  • Add nodes and configure prompts.
  • Test and iterate.
  • Deploy and integrate.


PromptChainer’s FAQ section answers common questions related to using the platform, including using other AI models besides ChatGPT, creating temporary variables within a flow, importing and exporting flows, getting support directly from the website, coming up with ideas for creating flows, designing efficient flows, integrating with external services and APIs, using PromptChainer for commercial purposes, and collaborating with other users on a flow.

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