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Type: Developer, Prompt Guides

Promptstacks is a community-driven platform that provides resources, courses, and a community for prompt engineering and generative AI. It offers idea generation, collaboration, access to resources, and learning opportunities for professionals.

💡 Use Cases

  • Idea generation: Share your prompts with the community and receive feedback, critiques, and guidance.
  • Collaboration: Access Discord to collaborate and brainstorm solutions to prompt engineering obstacles.
  • Access to resources: Stay updated with AI trends by accessing articles, courses, and other resources.
  • Prompt Engineering School: Learn prompt engineering from beginner to intermediate level through their prompt guide.
  • Text-To-Image School: Improve text-to-image outputs by learning programs such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.
  • ChatGPT Accelerator Course: Enhance your skills with ChatGPT by understanding its strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. Includes 500+ prompts.
  • Community and Courses: Join the community for free, engage in discussions, and explore curated courses by top experts in the field.

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