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Type: Education Assistant
Starts: $10/m

Quilgo is an online testing platform that offers various features to create quizzes, conduct secure exams, discourage cheating, and generate detailed reports and certificates.

ūüí° Use cases

  • Prepare for exams:¬†Quilgo is used by Optimal Consulting Technologies to prepare their consultants for certification exams, making it a fundamental tool in their training process for remote employees.
  • Conduct virtual exams:¬†Maruff Akinwale Oladejo, a senior lecturer at the University of Lagos, recommends Quilgo for conducting successful virtual exams in a secure environment, especially in this era of artificial intelligence.
  • Save time and reduce stress:¬†Quilgo allows users to schedule exam start times, set deadlines, and enable response auto-submission, making online testing robust, reliable, and stress-free.

ūüí° Features

  • AI proctoring tools:¬†Quilgo provides AI-powered screen and camera tracking to discourage cheating and enhance the trustworthiness of online testing.
  • Easy onboarding:¬†It takes only 3 minutes to onboard Quilgo, and the platform is available instantly.
  • Global usage:¬†Quilgo is trusted by thousands of organizations and has been used to conduct over a million tests and exams in 80+ countries worldwide.
  • Detailed reports and certificates:¬†Users can view per-quiz reports, download them in CSV format, and print pass certificates for individual tests. The certificates include respondent’s identity, score and time, tracking information, and questions and answers.
  • User-friendly interface:¬†Quilgo offers a simple and intuitive interface for building and generating quizzes, sending test links to respondents, and obtaining online test certificates.
  • Customer support:¬†For any questions or assistance, users can contact Quilgo’s support team at hello@quilgo.com, who will guide them through the process

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