Pricing: Paid
Type: Text To Speech
Starts: $ 49/mo

RadioNewsAI is an AI news anchor generator for radio stations that provides AI-generated newscasts read by realistic AI voices. It allows you to import content from any local website or RSS feed, create your own news stories, and customize the output. You can choose from a selection of ultra-realistic AI voices, design your personalized newscast format, set up scheduling, and enhance your broadcast with radio imaging. The generated newscasts can be easily downloaded to your radio automation software.

Use Cases

  • Import news content from any local website or RSS feed
  • Create your own news stories and personalize them with a trained AI model
  • Review and approve news stories before they go live
  • Provide weather updates using your own weather source or the built-in weather feature
  • Choose from a variety of ultra-realistic AI voices to serve as your AI newscaster
  • Design a customized newscast format using the drag and drop editor
  • Schedule regular updates for your newscast at your preferred frequency


  • 🌍 Import From Source Or Write Your Own: Freedom to import content or create news stories
  • 🎙️ Select Ultra Realistic AI Voices: Handpicked AI voices for news delivery
  • 📋 Create Your Own AI Newscast Format And Set Up Scheduling: Personalize your newscast format and schedule updates
  • 🌦️ Weather Updates: Provide weather information from your own source or use the built-in weather feature
  • 📻 Enhance Broadcast with Radio Imaging: Add jingles and fillers or choose a minimalist approach
  • 📥 Auto Download To Your Radio Automation Software: Easily download the latest generated newscasts
  • 💰 Pricing: Trial available for $5, with different plans based on duration and additional usage-based billing options

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