Receipt AI

Receipt AI
Pricing: Paid
Type: Productivity
Starts: $20/m

Receipt-AI is a service that eliminates the hassle of managing receipts by automating the process. It extracts information from receipt images, such as date, merchant name, and total amount, saving you time and effort.

💼 Use cases

  • Keeping records: Receipts are important supporting documents for business transactions and tax returns.
  • Sending multiple receipts: You can send multiple receipt images in one or more messages, and each image is treated as a separate receipt.
  • Including messages: While not necessary, you have the option to include a message with your receipt image, which will be displayed in your account.
  • Supported countries: Receipt-AI is currently available in the US and Canada, with plans to expand to more countries in the future.
  • No Xero required: Receipt-AI can be used independently of Xero, allowing you to make informed financial decisions and gain insights.

🚀 Features

  • Time saver ⏱️: Receipt-AI eliminates the need for manual steps like taking pictures, uploading receipts, renaming files, and attaching them to CSV files.
  • Free up space 📁: You no longer have to worry about holding onto physical receipts as Receipt-AI allows you to add them within seconds.
  • No more lost receipts 🙌: Receipt-AI ensures that you don’t lose receipts by providing a secure storage solution.
  • We love using it ❤️: The team behind Receipt-AI takes pride in using their own product every day and believes it’s the best solution for you

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