ReContent Ai

ReContent Ai
Pricing: Free Trial
Type: Blogging, Copywriting, Social Media
Starts: $15

ReContent is an AI-powered platform that helps streamline the process of repurposing content for social media. It generates Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and Images based on your long-form content, allowing you to maximize the potential of your existing material. The generated posts follow proven post structures for each platform, and you can further improve them using an interactive AI-powered editor.

💡 Use Cases

  • Content Repurposing: ReContent helps you repurpose your long-form content into multiple formats, such as Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and Images.
  • Social Media Management: It relieves the burden of managing social media by generating posts from your content, freeing you up to focus on other important areas.
  • Effortless Twitter Engagement: The platform effortlessly generates Tweets from your newsletter, enabling you to consistently show up on Twitter and engage with your audience.
  • Simplified Pricing: ReContent offers simple pricing plans for everyone, providing AI-generated posts based on your content.

💫 Features

  • AI-Generated Content: ReContent uses AI algorithms to generate Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts based on your content.
  • Interactive AI-Powered Editor: The platform offers an interactive editor that allows you to further edit and enhance the generated posts.
  • Multiple Output Formats: You can choose from various output formats, including Tweets, LinkedIn posts, Instagram posts, and Images.
  • Credit-Based System: ReContent’s pricing is based on credits, with each output format costing 1 credit.
  • Done-With-You Service: The platform offers different subscription plans, such as S10 and M20, allowing you to repurpose a specific number of pieces of content each month.
  • Done-For-You Service: ReContent’s enterprise plan provides a tailored solution where the generated content is manually filtered and edited by the team.
  • Multilingual Support: While the app is currently available in English, ReContent supports repurposing content in various languages, with the best quality for English content.

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