ReviewScout AI

ReviewScout AI
Pricing: Freemium
Type: E-Commerce
Starts: $4.99/m

ReviewScout is a comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers, offering features such as inventory planning, product research, personalized recommendations, reseller analytics, and enhanced market analysis. It provides insights to optimize advertising strategies, identify market opportunities, make purchasing decisions, and maximize profits. The integration with Keepa enhances the accuracy of data and allows users to outperform competitors. ReviewScout is available as a Chrome extension with different pricing options.

📦 Use cases

  • Inventory Planning: Predictive analytics help sellers effectively plan inventory and avoid stock-related pitfalls.
  • Product Research: AI-driven research capabilities assist in uncovering hidden market opportunities, analyzing customer reviews, and designing optimized listings.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Make confident purchasing decisions based on feedback, sales, ratings, and prices, while considering value for money.
  • Reseller & Wholesaler Analytics: Gain deep insights into competition, sales, FBA fees, and Buy Box trends to maximize profits in the competitive Amazon marketplace.
  • Keepa-Enhanced Prompts: Leverage Keepa’s comprehensive data for accurate market analysis and decision-making, empowering users to optimize their Amazon business strategies.
  • How to use ReviewScout: A step-by-step process explained through images, allowing users to analyze up to 6 selected products.
  • Beyond the Features: Various features offered by the Chrome extension, including analyzing promotions, determining campaign strategies, generating keywords, and more.


  • Analyze the effectiveness of promotions on selected products (Keepa Analysis)
  • Determine campaign strategies based on selected products (Keepa Analysis)
  • Generate negative keywords
  • Find search terms for advertising campaigns
  • Determine PPC budget and price over the year (Keepa analysis)
  • Produce an optimized listing
  • Identify potential gaps in the market based on demand and customer reviews (Keepa Analysis)
  • Identify common positive and negative features and use cases based on relevant reviews
  • Validate product ideas to compete against competitors (Keepa Analysis)
  • Analyze the impact of customer reviews on sales performance (Sales Graph Analysis)
  • Determine optimal price range based on sales data (Keepa Analysis)
  • Identify potential areas for improvement or differentiation in product design, features, or quality
  • Recommend the best product to buy based on feedback and sales (Keepa)
  • Find the best value for money
  • Assess competition for reselling based on sales, FBA fees, and Buy Box (Keepa Analysis)
  • Determine optimal restocking timing throughout the year compared to competitors’ similar sales pattern
  • Design A+ content based on competitor’s description and reviews

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