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Type: Experiments
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Roboweb is an AI assistant for exploratory programming that provides an ideal environment for coding. It can be installed using Docker or Kubernetes, and offers features such as signing in, adding an OpenAPI key, and fixing code errors.

🔧 Use Cases

  • Exploratory programming
  • Interactive coding sessions
  • Error fixing in code

🔧 Features

  • Installation:
    • Docker: Use Docker Desktop to install and run Roboweb in JupyterLab.
    • Kubernetes: Deploy Roboweb on Kubernetes using provided instructions.
  • Sign In / Create An Account:
    • Use the Roboweb extension in JupyterLab to sign in with Google or create an account for chat tracking and retrieval.
  • Add Your OpenAPI Key:
    • After logging in, enter your OpenAI API key in Roboweb’s settings page in JupyterLab to enable API usage.
  • Using the Extension to Fix Code:
    • Roboweb automatically detects errors in cells and offers to fix them.
    • Clicking the “Fix detected errors” button provides instructions on how to resolve the errors

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