Roshi AI

Roshi AI
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Education Assistant

Roshi is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create learning material from any online content with just one click. It simplifies the text, generates questions, and provides detailed content analysis.

⚡ Use Cases

  • Education: Roshi helps teachers save time on class preparation by instantly turning news articles or any text into lessons.
  • Content Simplification: Users can automatically simplify complex content to make it more accessible and appropriate for different learning levels.
  • Question Generation: The tool generates questions based on the specific content being taught, aiding in comprehension and assessment.
  • Detailed Analysis: Roshi provides in-depth analysis of the lesson content, allowing educators to gain insights into student performance and engagement.

⚡ Features

  • One-Click Lesson Creation: Users can select any web article or input their own text to quickly transform it into a comprehensive lesson.
  • Automatic Text Simplification: Roshi simplifies the chosen content to ensure it is appropriate for the target audience and learning level.
  • Question Generation: The tool generates relevant questions based on the lesson content, facilitating student engagement and understanding.
  • Detailed Content Analysis: Users can analyze the lesson content in detail, gaining insights into student performance, comprehension, and engagement.
  • Time-saving Solution: Teachers across the country are saving hours on class preparation thanks to Roshi’s efficient and streamlined workflow.
  • Stay Up to Date: Roshi helps educators stay up to date with the latest news and information by transforming news articles into engaging lessons.
  • Privacy and Contact: Roshi ensures privacy with its Privacy Policy and offers a convenient contact option for users to reach out for help or provide feedback.

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