Pricing: Paid
Type: Sales
Starts: $99/m

saasyDB is a subscription-based service that provides weekly prospect lists for targeted outreach and lead generation. It offers information on about 250 companies per week, including funding details and employee profiles with verified email addresses. The service is useful for email marketers, investors, job seekers, professional services firms, SEOs, and tech sales professionals.

💼 Use cases

  • Email Marketers: Find the right prospects to pitch or get in touch with.
  • Investors: Connect with founders and key personnel directly.
  • Job Seekers: Reach out to the right people before job postings are made.
  • Professional Services Firms: Access a weekly list of potential clients who can afford and benefit from your services.
  • SEOs: Identify relevant contacts for link building, collaborations, or guest posting.
  • Tech Sales: Target developers, managers, and other employees who may be interested in your services.

🌟 Features

  • Ready-to-use data: Receive CSV files with comprehensive company and employee information.
  • Weekly updates: Get fresh prospects every week to keep your outreach queues full.
  • Time and cost savings: saasyDB handles the research for you, reducing prospecting time and expenses.
  • Extensive employee profiles: Access multiple employee profiles per company, including names, titles, locations, LinkedIn profiles, and verified email addresses.
  • Higher data coverage: saasyDB’s algorithm finds more employee profiles per company compared to other lead lookup services.
  • Flexible packages: Choose between recently funded companies or SaaS companies, or subscribe to both.
  • Guaranteed data: saasyDB guarantees a minimum of 1,000 company profiles and 10,000 unique employee profiles per month

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