Sellesta Ai

Sellesta Ai
Pricing: Freemium
Type: E-Commerce, Sales
Starts: $ 5/mo is an AI-driven solution that helps Amazon sellers optimize their listings, increase organic traffic, and improve sales. It offers a range of features, including keyword suggestions, daily product ranking monitoring, review analysis, and automatic text generation.

💡 Use Cases

  • Optimize Listings: uses automatic text generation to create new, optimal listings, leading to increased organic traffic and sales growth.
  • Review Analysis: By analyzing customer reviews, helps create ad banners that focus on customers’ preferences and identifies what customers like or dislike about competing products.
  • Keyword Research: provides relevant keyword suggestions with search volume, relevance, and importance for organic rank, helping sellers find valuable keywords and maximize organic traffic.
  • Product Ranking Monitoring: Stay ahead of the competition with daily updates on keyword rankings, identify underperforming phrases, and know which competitors are gaining traction.
  • Streamlined Management: reduces manual work by automating tasks like searching for selling keywords, switching between tools, and managing multiple listings, allowing sellers to focus on more strategic tasks.

💡 Features

  • 🎯 Listing Optimization Tool: Everything needed to optimize store listings, including unlimited product optimizations and publishing to Amazon.
  • 🔎 Keyword Research: Offers keyword search functionality with unlimited searches and reverse-search capability for multiple ASINs.
  • 📊 Daily Product Ranking Monitoring: Keeps track of keyword rankings, identifies underperforming phrases, and provides valuable data on competitor activity.
  • 📝 Automatic Text Generation: Speeds up the process of creating new, optimal listings using AI-powered automatic text generation.
  • 📚 Review Analysis: Analyzes customer reviews to identify customer preferences, create ad banners, and gain insights into competing products.
  • ⚙️ Streamlined Management: Reduces manual work by automating repetitive tasks like keyword research, tool switching, and managing multiple listings.
  • 💼 Pricing Options: Offers different pricing tiers, including free and paid plans, with extended limits, additional automation, and advanced features for professionals.

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