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Shufti Pro
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Type: Education Assistant, Finance

Shufti Pro is an award-winning identity verification solution that offers comprehensive KYC, KYB, and AML compliance services. It provides a global coverage with 10,000+ ID types, 150 languages, and 230+ countries. Shufti Pro’s solutions are highly configurable and can be tailored to individual business needs. It offers features such as flawless onboarding, enhanced due diligence, zero integration, streamlined verification, and more. The platform has been recognized by industry authorities worldwide and trusted by over 800 global enterprises and SMEs.

ūüéĮ Use Cases

  • Account Opening:¬†Swift and seamless account opening solutions for enterprises.
  • User Onboarding:¬†Fully integrated, fast, and secure user onboarding process.
  • Age Verification:¬†Innovative age verification solution to prevent minors from being compromised.
  • Fraud Prevention:¬†Real-time customer identity verification to prevent synthetic identity fraud and eliminate impostor signups.
  • Case Management:¬†Automate case management and simplify related investigations with the global trust platform.

ūüĆü Features

  • Flawless Onboarding:¬†Verify and onboard every legitimate customer seamlessly.
  • Enhanced Due Diligence:¬†Go beyond basic verification for comprehensive compliance checks and risk assessments.
  • Zero Integration:¬†Integration without complex development, saving time and resources.
  • Streamlined Verification:¬†Achieve 99% accuracy with 10,000+ ID types, 150 languages, and 230+ countries.
  • Global Trust Platform:¬†Offers proprietary solutions for KYC, KYB, KYI, AML, and OCR that can be customized for any business need.
  • Recognized By Industry Authorities:¬†Shufti Pro has received numerous awards and recognition for its client onboarding and KYC solutions.
  • Flexible KYC and AML Solutions:¬†Tailored solutions for various business use cases, including account opening, user onboarding, age verification, fraud prevention, and case management.

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