Slang Thesaurus

Slang Thesaurus
Pricing: Free
Type: Fun Tool
Starts: $0/m

SlangThesaurus Translator is a free online tool that provides users with urban thesaurus and slang translations. It uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to provide accurate and reliable translations of slang terms and expressions.

πŸ’¬ Use cases

  • πŸ“š A valuable resource for anyone looking to understand and navigate the ever-evolving world of urban slang.
  • ✍️ Helpful for writers who want to use slang expressions in their writing.
  • πŸ—£οΈ Useful for language enthusiasts who want to learn new slang terms.
  • πŸ“± Compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, allowing users to access slang translations on the go.


  • πŸ” Uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to translate text into slang.
  • πŸ†“ Completely free to use.
  • πŸ”’ Prioritizes user privacy and does not collect or store any personal information.
  • πŸ€– Relies on Large Language Models like ChatGPT, and meanings may be slightly outdated or simply incorrect.
  • πŸ“ˆ Constantly looking for ways to improve, and exploring new features to add to their platform.
  • 🎁 Offers a rare SlangThesaurus mug to users who take a screenshot of their translation and post it on Twitter or Reddit.
  • πŸ“§ Contact them at to report a bug or for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

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