Pricing: Free
Type: Developer

SlickGPT is a lightweight ChatGPT client that allows users to integrate GPT-4 with their own API key. It also offers a userless sharing feature and other functionalities.

ūüíľ Use Cases

  • Integration¬†SlickGPT is designed for integrating GPT-4 into various applications and services.
  • Userless Sharing¬†It provides a feature for sharing content without requiring user accounts.
  • API Key Usage¬†Users can use their own API keys for customization.
  • Lightweight¬†SlickGPT is a lightweight solution for efficient usage.
  • Svelte Framework¬†Built using the Svelte framework.
  • Web Deployment¬†Can be deployed easily on the web.
  • Global CDN¬†Utilizes global Content Delivery Network

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