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Type: 3D, Animations offers an instant and easy 3D modeling experience with its automagic 3D creation platform. Users can select a generator, customize it using sliders and toggles, and export their creations. The platform provides an ever-expanding library of generators for various styles and levels of detail.

💡 Use Cases

  • Game development
  • Architectural design
  • Asset creation for virtual environments

💡 Features

  • Easy customization: Quickly personalize models using unique sliders and toggles or experiment with randomization.
  • Ready to use: Models are UV-unwrapped, optimized for real-time use, and ready for texturing.
  • Endless variation: Generate variations using sliders or the randomizer for quick variations.
  • Any style: Generators cover realistic proportions as well as stylized and cartoony styles.
  • Any Level of Detail: The Level of Detail slider ensures access to all variants needed.
  • Procedural + ML: combines parametric generators and machine learning to create optimized and game-ready assets in real-time.
  • SDK: Real-time generation within game engines is supported, allowing seamless integration into game development pipelines.

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