Pricing: Freemium
Type: Education Assistant
Starts: $ 7.99/mo

SpeakFit is a language learning app that allows users to practice speaking by engaging in debates with an AI partner. The app provides fresh topics every day, offers two types of corrections, divides practice into convenient chunks, ensures precise voice recognition, and encourages the use of advanced phrases. SpeakFit offers specialized features for language learning that other platforms lack.

Use Cases

  • Language learners who want to improve their speaking skills.
  • Individuals who prefer practicing speaking in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  • People looking for interesting topics to discuss and engage in conversations with others.


  • 📆 New fresh topics every day: The app offers a wide range of interesting and debatable topics, ensuring that users have something engaging to talk about whenever they open the app. It also provides users with interesting facts that can be used for small talk in real-life conversations.
  • ✍️ Two types of corrections: SpeakFit offers basic error highlighting similar to Grammarly and also provides guidance on how to rephrase speech to sound more native, similar to DeepL. It utilizes the advanced GPT4 model to ensure high-quality corrections.
  • ⏰ Chunks of 5 minutes: The speaking practice is divided into manageable chunks of three questions, requiring only 3-5 minutes to complete. Users can conveniently fit these exercises into their schedule and track their progress with milestones and gamification elements.
  • 🎙️ Precise voice recognition: Users can speak at their own pace, take pauses to think, and have confidence that their speech will be accurately recognized by the app.
  • 💬 Advanced Phrases Practice: SpeakFit encourages users to incorporate specific phrases from a provided list into their answers. The phrases are presented randomly, and after being used three times, they are considered learned. This helps learners actively incorporate phrases into their speech rather than relying on translations.
  • ❌ Specialized features: SpeakFit offers progress tracking, reminders, corrections viewer, and a daily set of fresh topics for discussions. These features are not available in platforms like ChatGPT or Duolingo, making SpeakFit a more comprehensive language learning tool.
  • 🗓️ How to start: The app recommends starting with 10-15 minutes of discussions with the AI partner every day, providing learners with regular practice and opportunities to improve their speaking skills.

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