Spot A Like

Spot A Like
Pricing: Free
Type: Music
Starts: $0/m

Spotalike is a platform that generates Spotify playlists with similar songs based on a given song or artist.

🎵 Use cases

  • Discovering new music similar to your favorite songs or artists
  • Creating personalized playlists based on specific moods or genres
  • Finding alternative options to Spotalike for generating similar Spotify playlists


  • 🎵 Song-based recommendation Input a song or artist, and Spotalike generates a playlist with similar songs.
  • 📅 Mood-based playlists Create playlists based on specific moods or genres to suit your preferences.
  • 💡 Alternative options If Spotalike doesn’t meet your needs, explore alternative platforms like, Magic Playlist, and BeatSense.
  • 📱 Mobile apps Find related mobile apps to Spotalike for on-the-go music discovery.
  • 💰 Valuation and traffic estimations Check out Spotalike’s valuation and traffic estimates to gauge its popularity and usage.

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