Pricing: Freemium
Type: Fun Tool, Life Assistant, Storytelling
Starts: $4.99/mo.

Storied is an innovative family history site that goes beyond traditional genealogy platforms. It allows users to build their family tree, search historical records and newspapers, create collaborative groups, and share stories, memories, and photos. With a starting price of $4.99, Storied offers an affordable option for exploring family history.

💡 Use Cases

  • Build Your Family Tree: Start a tree from scratch or upload an existing one from another site, and use search and clues to uncover new family members.
  • Add Non-Familial Relationships: Storied allows you to add people to your family tree with any connection, expanding beyond traditional family relationships.
  • Easily Share Family History: Start a group with loved ones to share memories, photos, and stories in a private and secure environment.
  • Access Historical Records: Utilize a vast collection of historical records, including census, marriage, military, and immigration records, to fill in missing pieces of your family history.
  • Explore Newspapers: Use the robust search function to discover obituaries, birth and marriage announcements, and more in newspapers dating back to 1607 from around the world.
  • Craft Stories and Memories: Create engaging family history by crafting stories, reliving memories, collecting photos, and collaborating with family and friends.
  • Affordable Option: Storied offers an affordable pricing option, starting at just $4.99, providing access to billions of records and newspapers.

💡 Features

  • Robust Free Tier: The free tier allows users to build or upload a family tree, capture memories and stories, and share them with friends and family.
  • Collaborative Groups: Create groups to collaborate with family and friends, enhancing the sharing of family history.
  • Graph Technology: Storied’s platform is built on robust graph technology, enabling the inclusion of relationships outside the traditional family dynamic.
  • Focus on Stories: Storied believes that sharing stories and memories is the future of family history, going beyond names, dates, and records.
  • Global Reach: Storied engages with users worldwide, catering to everyone’s interest in family history, from beginners to professional genealogists.
  • Easy Start: Storied provides a quick and easy family tree builder, helping users get started on their family history journey.
  • Additional Product Features: Unlock features such as historical records, collaborative groups, and more with affordable plans starting at $4.99.

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