Pricing: Free
Type: Email Assistant
Summraiz is a service that provides concise 250-word summaries of your favorite newsletters, delivered to your inbox twice a week. It helps you stay informed with key details without having to read the full newsletters.

Use Cases

  • 📰 Stay informed Receive condensed summaries of newsletters you enjoy reading.
  • 📥 Time-saving Save time by getting the key points of newsletters without reading the entire content.
  • 📈 Stay updated on trends Keep up with the latest news and trends in various fields through summarized newsletters.


  • ✉️ Newsletter summarizer Summraiz condenses newsletters into concise 250-word summaries.
  • 📥 Email delivery Summaries are delivered directly to your inbox twice a week.
  • 🗂️ Customizable selection Choose your favorite newsletters to be summarized.
  • ⏰ Time-efficient Save time by quickly going through the key details of newsletters.
  • 📰 Broad coverage Stay informed about a wide range of topics through the condensed summaries.

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