Pricing: Paid
Type: SEO
Starts: $ 14.69/mo

🚀 Introducing Longform AI: The ultimate tool for generating SEO-optimized long-form content with granular control.


  • Longform AI creates in-depth content with over 2,500 words, using 50+ SERP data points to ensure it ranks well.
  • It focuses exclusively on producing high-quality, long-form content for SEO.
  • Combines AI content generation with advanced SEO capabilities, integrated with 50+ SERP data points.
  • Analyzes top-ranking pages to help you create the best content, including topic coverage and competitive strategies.
  • Offers customizations through the Outline Builder, allowing you to tailor your content.
  • Provides expert control with the Expert Command feature, offering granular adjustments and formatting options.
  • Introduces Auto-Optimization for SEO, automatically optimizing titles, URL slugs, contextual terms, outbound links, and text decorations.
  • Contrasts with ChatGPT by specializing in long-form content, SEO optimization, human-like writing, word count, and output relevancy.
  • Offers a user-friendly 3-step process: build your outline, click to write, and auto-optimize for SEO.
  • Comes from SurgeGraph, known for its SEO expertise, offering solutions for SEO success.

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