Pricing: Freemium
Type: Fun Tool
Starts: $ 5/mo

Text.Theater is an AI-powered Discord bot that allows users to request new scenes from their favorite TV shows. The bot simulates dialogue between the main characters based on custom prompts, creating scenes that feel like they could be part of the original series.

Use Cases

  • Requesting new scenes from TV shows
  • Simulating dialogue between characters
  • Creating unique and entertaining content
  • Sharing simulated scenes with friends and on social media


  • 🎭 Scene Simulation: Users can request new scenes by interacting with the bot using specific commands, such as “/simulate [show name] [scene premise].”
  • 💰 Token Purchase: Each scene simulation costs one token, which can be purchased from the bot using the “/purchase” command. Tokens are available in different quantities with varying prices.
  • ⏱️ Fast Simulation: The bot typically generates and displays new scenes in under a minute, offering a quick and seamless experience for users.
  • 📜 Show Compatibility: The bot is designed to work with a wide range of TV shows, allowing users to request scenes from their favorite shows.
  • 🎨 Character Consistency: The bot uses advanced language generation technology to simulate dialogue consistent with the style and tone of the characters from the TV show.
  • 🔗 Sharing Scenes: Users can share the scenes simulated by the bot with friends and on social media platforms to entertain others.
  • 🚫 Content Guidelines: The bot has content guidelines in place to ensure respectful and appropriate usage, prohibiting scenes with hate speech, harassment, explicit content, or any other violations of community standards.

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