TextGPT Chat

TextGPT Chat
Pricing: Paid
Type: Life Assistant
Starts: $9.99/m

TextGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that allows users to have conversations, ask questions, and perform various tasks through iMessage. It simplifies the user experience by eliminating the need for app downloads, API tokens, and passwords.

⚡️ Use cases

  • Instant Messaging: Easily message the bot anytime, either continuing previous conversations or starting new ones.
  • No Passwords: The service is iMessage-based, so there’s no need to create another password.
  • No Websites: Once set up, all you need is your phone; no need to visit any websites.
  • Lightning-fast Responses: Get quick and efficient answers to your questions without leaving the iMessage app.
  • Access Expert Knowledge: Tap into a vast range of expertise without the hassle of switching between apps.
  • Design Unique Wallpapers: Utilize Canvas Creator to transform iMessage into an art studio and create personalized wallpapers.
  • Try for Free: Explore the capabilities of TextGPT by trying it out for free.

⚡️ Features

  • Keeping Things Simple: ChatGPT offers a seamless conversation experience without unnecessary frills.
  • Easily Message Bot: Initiate conversations effortlessly, continuing where you left off or starting afresh.
  • No Passwords: Authentication is solely based on iMessage, eliminating the need for additional passwords.
  • No Websites: Once set up, all operations can be performed directly from your phone.
  • Lightning-fast Responses: Receive prompt and efficient replies to your queries, right within the iMessage app.
  • Access Expert Knowledge: Benefit from the extensive knowledge base of ChatGPT without leaving your preferred messaging platform.
  • Design Unique Wallpapers: Unleash your creativity with Canvas Creator, enabling you to craft personalized wallpapers that reflect your artistic vision

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